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QtButtonPropertyBrowser Class Reference

The QtButtonPropertyBrowser class provides a drop down QToolButton based property browser. More...

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void collapsed (QtBrowserItem *item)
void expanded (QtBrowserItem *item)

Public Member Functions

 QtButtonPropertyBrowser (QWidget *parent=0)
 ~QtButtonPropertyBrowser ()
void setExpanded (QtBrowserItem *item, bool expanded)
bool isExpanded (QtBrowserItem *item) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void itemInserted (QtBrowserItem *item, QtBrowserItem *afterItem)
virtual void itemRemoved (QtBrowserItem *item)
virtual void itemChanged (QtBrowserItem *item)

Detailed Description

The QtButtonPropertyBrowser class provides a drop down QToolButton based property browser.

A property browser is a widget that enables the user to edit a given set of properties. Each property is represented by a label specifying the property's name, and an editing widget (e.g. a line edit or a combobox) holding its value. A property can have zero or more subproperties.

QtButtonPropertyBrowser provides drop down button for all nested properties, i.e. subproperties are enclosed by a container associated with the drop down button. The parent property's name is displayed as button text. For example:

Use the QtAbstractPropertyBrowser API to add, insert and remove properties from an instance of the QtButtonPropertyBrowser class. The properties themselves are created and managed by implementations of the QtAbstractPropertyManager class.

See also:
QtTreePropertyBrowser, QtAbstractPropertyBrowser

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Creates a property browser with the given parent.

Destroys this property browser.

Note that the properties that were inserted into this browser are not destroyed since they may still be used in other browsers. The properties are owned by the manager that created them.

See also:
QtProperty, QtAbstractPropertyManager

Member Function Documentation

This signal is emitted when the item is collapsed.

See also:
expanded(), setExpanded()

This signal is emitted when the item is expanded.

See also:
collapsed(), setExpanded()

Returns true if the item is expanded; otherwise returns false.

See also:
void QtButtonPropertyBrowser::itemChanged ( QtBrowserItem item) [protected, virtual]
void QtButtonPropertyBrowser::itemInserted ( QtBrowserItem item,
QtBrowserItem afterItem 
) [protected, virtual]
void QtButtonPropertyBrowser::itemRemoved ( QtBrowserItem item) [protected, virtual]
void QtButtonPropertyBrowser::setExpanded ( QtBrowserItem item,
bool  expanded 

Sets the item to either collapse or expanded, depending on the value of expanded.

See also:
isExpanded(), expanded(), collapsed()

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