The Big Picture

The software

Here you can find a little introduction about what you can do using QSapecNG and what can do for you SapecNG.
Please, do not forget that SapecNG is the core framework, while QSapecNG represents the GUI. It means that SapecNG will do the dirty work behind the scenes, while users can interact with the software using QSapecNG.


SapecNG has been developed entirely with C/C++ and designed around common design patterns for better code.
It offers several services like an embedded minimal logger, functors and utilities for input/output. Most important, SapecNG is shipped with data structures for circuits and graphs, as well as functions that can be used to convert a circuit in its graph-like representation.
The aim of SapecNG can be resumed as look for the common spanning trees of two graphs, that is a complex problem. The core framework implements the MRT algorithm (available as academic article) and it offers a solution compliant with the Boost C++ Libraries' model.


QSapecNG is mainly focused on two parts:

The former can be used to develop circuits, using items availabe within the components list and from the toolbar. The designer is structured as a magnetic grid, which attracts components and places them correctly. The designer also takes care to assign the node numbers to the junction points and may initiate the resolution of the circuit.
The latter can be used to analyze the function obtained from the resolution of the circuit. You can plot several representations and curves, according to the selected operation and the preferred frequencies.

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