This is a short manual that will guide users using SapecNG/QSapecNG.
The manual is a work in progress, and of course it lacks completeness.


The software consists of two indipendent parts: the SapecNG framework and the application gui QSapecNG.

SapecNG is something like a library of data structures and algorithms. It offers the basis for symbolic analysis.
Upon SapecNG, the core component of the software, a GUI can be developed as well as a command line tool.
A specialized algorithm, general purpose and performance oriented, has been developed around the problem of found the common spanning trees of two graphs.
This algorithm looks like the others implemented within the Boost Graph Library (BGL) and it aims to be included into the Boost C++ Libraries.

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QSapecNG has been designed to serve as an integrated development environment. It is a Qt based GUI for SapecNG.
Users can easily build circuits as well as solve them. The complexity of the underlying framework is completely obfuscated.
This manual mainly describes how to use the GUI.

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